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Items of Interest to the Equestrian Community.

Ride the Quadrants!
The Park and BES both recognize the potential safety problems associated with crossing the main roads that divide the Manassas National Battlefield into four quadrants. Equestrians are reminded that there is parking available at two locations that offer excellent self-contained loop trails:

• In the SE quadrant - Park at Portici and ride the Portici Loop.
• In the NW quadrant - Park at Groveton and ride the Matthews Hill Loop.

The remaining quadrants (SW and NW) have excellent trails that, with backtracking, can be used without crossing the main roads. We encourage equestrians to consider riding in a manner that will be significantly safer than playing in traffic. BES continues to work with the Park to find additional safe routes that can contribute to the enjoyment of this bridle trail system

Courtesy of the Battlefield Equestrian Society

Manassas National Battlefield Park Notes

• Park passes are needed to ride in the Park. They may be purchased at the Visitor Center (off Route 234 between Routes 29 and I-66) or through BES when renewing memberships.

--Daily passes are $3 (good for 3 days)
--Yearly passes are $20
--Golden Eagle Passes (age 62 and over) are $10 and never expire

• When you buy your Park Pass, take a few minutes to look around the Visitors' Center. It's lovely, instructive (museum and films), has a wonderful bookstore, and is definitely worth a visit!

• The Park has two authorized horse trailer parking areas. (Please do not park horse trailers in other lots within the Park and please stay on the pavement. Parking/unloading on the grass may result in a ticket! Also, please clean up before you leave - i.e., scoop the poop and take it with you!)

--The Groveton Cemetery parking area is located on Route 29 at the intersection of Groveton Road and Route 29.
--The Vandor parking area is on the Portici Loop along the access road which parallels Rt 66 between Strayer and the Virginia Welcome Center.

• BES has created and published a new bridle trail map which is available at the Visitors' Center. Please note the following name changes:

--The portion of the trail system that used to be called the Cornell Loop is now called the Matthews Hill Loop
--The portion of the trail system that used to be called the Wheeler Loop is now called the Portici Loop
The names were changed to reflect the farms that were here during the Civil War and not the farms that were located here when the land was obtained by the NPS.

Courtesy of the Battlefield Equestrian Society

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